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Have you set your Professional Goals yet?

Top quality education of their children is a high – priority agenda for parents in India; at least for the urbane folks. The opening up of Indian economy with economic reforms in early 1990’s brought with it an influx of alternative career opportunities. The IT, ITES, hospitality, healthcare, fashion, journalism, …

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How do you rate on your Emotional Quotient Skill?

If we were to round up the top ten successful people in the world and run an analysis of their Emotional Intelligence skill, there is a super high probability that 9 out of them will rank very high on their Emotional Quotient. Human Resources professionals, worldwide have been experimenting with …

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Nasty Boss giving you a Tough Time!!

One would be surprised to know the number of people visiting astrologists & numerologists; just because their supervisors or managers have been giving them a tough time at work! Hopefully you are not one of them !! A nasty boss can be a real pain for obvious reasons. For starters, …

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