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Consistent Leadership Earns One Natural Respect!

At one point or another in their professional careers, most people in leadership roles find themselves challenged by lack of respect from their team/s! If you have ever been plagued by this scenario, this article is for you. If not, the Kanakkupillai Team applauds you for being an exemplary leader …

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Sneak Peek into the World of GST

We all have heard about it, we all have seen it on our bills/invoice copies. Some of us may have even gone into long hours of discussions/arguments with colleagues/friends/relatives over tea & coffee breaks about it. It is not just panels of experts, economists, politicians and business men who mulled …

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Take a Leap to a New Level of Work Productivity!

  “How do I increase my work productivity”? This is a question 99 % of us end up asking ourselves on more than one occasions in our professional lives. And to find a solution to this ever daunting problem, we take resort to – speaking to our friends, colleagues, reading …

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